Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ideas for classroom organization

This is a great idea for a visual work schedule (teacher and student). I think it would be even better if it had multiple levels for each subject though. Maybe like two hanging files sewn together with five pockets or so each and an in and out (left and right and diff colors) for each. It would make setting up the night before much easier and also give a visual reminder as to what needs to be done as well as to demonstrate progress and eventually completion for the student.

 Maye like this with a matching green one next to it for the 'In' box.

This is an easy was to set up a work/day schedule. You could also integrate (if using for a single student) a token system for each of the completed tasks or for behavior during that time frame.

This is a really neat pocket chart to teach begining graphing and mathmatical concepts but you could do so much more with it as well. Just customize it to fit the skill level that you are on, for example I could see using this to teach colors, to get children to aproximate/speak the words of colors, teach foods, anomals or objects wile organizing by their color........ the list is nearly endless :). It's also very visually engaging.

 This is one of my favorite purchases. This is our table top easle that folds up flat, has a handle to ttote it around and even a velcro pocket with a window to carry your word cards and pictures with you. I love it, so worth the $20. We use it at the table, on the ottoman in the living room, we take it to speech therapy it is so handy. We use it when tacting/labeling flashcards-every time he gets it right he gets to put it in the pocket and 'keep' it. We also use it to construct sentences, teach pronouns and narrate verbs with 'ing' as well as word families. Again, the sky is the limit with this kind of platform.

These three sets are such a great deal @ $20. They come with the easel and all the photo and word cards shown! I wish I would have found this before, it could have saved me a lot of time and ink :). I saw these @ so I'm not sure of the durrability of the easels, you may want to read the reviews before purchasing. These help to give an idea of some of the ways they can be used though.

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