Friday, March 4, 2011

Using the table easel

Here are some of the ways we use our table top easel. Sorry for the poor image quality,
 it's tough to get a good picture of a laminated surface without a glare :).


Here we are reviewing verbs (previously introduced) in sentence form and giving him visual cues (rather than verbal to avoid the echoic response). This gives him practice as narrator and will hopefully increase his mean length of utterances. The above cards show the circle and triange as different parts of speech with he/she on the circle and is/are on the triangle. We have also been working to get him to add the 'ing' to his verbs and this is an easy reminder for him. I don't use it every time, just as all other prompts I am working to fade them ALWAYS :).
With this set you could teach the Listener Responder (LR)/Receptive ID in a large array (but don't forget to mix it up and teach in a messy array as well). But you can also work on Features of items (right side of printed card) and then change it up to start working on the Intraverbal Fill- Ins (left side of printed card).

I would love more ideas on how to use this platform since it is inexpensive, stores compactly and is portable....everything we love.

Behind the photos you can see some pocket charts that I made (to save to $20-$30 each). We really try to use the vertical space and to keep our teaching items out and present because he absorbs everything arouond him. They are hanging from two plant hooks each that are screwed into the bottom side of the kitchen bartop.

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